1. Why WhiteSynergy effect?
Whitening is a common skin issue for men and women. Living jungle prepare these range of products to help people achieve skin whitening better. Most of us usually have our own set of skincare products and are reluctant to change. Living jungle designed a few whitening products that are very effective and safe. WhiteSynergy Effect is introduced in our whitening product. You can achieve fairer effect by using PP mask once or twice a week, without changing your existing skincare set.

2. Do I have to change my existing skincare set ?
No. You can maintain your existing set but add on Living Jungle WhiteSynergy Effect products as per your convenience. You can apply PP Mask once or twice a week only. The whitening result show tremendously great.

3. What is PP Mask ?
PP Mask is abbreviation for Powered Penetration Mask. It is formulated enriched with skin nutrients and good penetration to our skin.

4. Why do we need to stay at least 1 hour?
As mentioned Powered Penetration Mask is like an Essence Mask. That means the longer time it contact to your skin, the better it will absorb into your skin.

5. What are the contents ?
It contains 7 main natural active ingredients. Licorice give a good whitening. Apple stem cells rejuvenates skin cells. Orange Stem Cells as an antioxidant and also vitamin C. Rice bran is a great ancients moisturizer. Aloe Vera is a great source of antibacterial. Green Tea is a good natural antioxidant and lastly Diamond to energize our skin and improve aura.

6. Why the whitening effect is immediate with one application? Is it safe?
It is safe to apply and achieve whitening fast. The 7 Essence gives great absorption. Physically peel off the mask helps to remove damage top layer of unbalance tone skin. Blackheads and whiteheads will be automatically removed. Pores looks smaller after application. The 4 in 1 effect are clean, purifying, detoxifying, and repair your skin.

7. Money saving on PP Mask?
Of course, you save money and time. It is like a DIY facial cleaning process if you are a busy person. In just one hour, you have your own facial spa while watching TV, listening to your favorite music, take a nap, cook etc

8. Can I use PP Mask daily?
Sure you can use daily if you want. Especially for your pigmentation area or acne mark.

9. Will it helps my wrinkle ?
Definitely. As said, it is an Essence Mask that gives great nutrients penetrate into your skin. It helps your wrinkled skin. You can even feel your facelifted after one application.

10. How do I apply?
You should apply one sachet for the whole face. Apply thicker for better effect. Start with the forehead and cheek. Apply on the eyes and nose area last. Avoid hairy areas like eyebrow etc.

11. Any Age limit ?
There is no age limit to use Living Jungle WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask. In fact, it is good as antiaging and helps to remove your damaged skin easily. It maintains your face fresh and clean always.

12. Can Men use it?
Of course. Living Jungle WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask is designed for all sex and ages. It is great for men because it is simple to use, just apply thick, relax one hour plus, remove the mask and rinse.

13. Can I wash the mask off before it dries off ?
You can rinse with water and it is easily washed off. It is better to let it dry for at least 15 minutes to let the essences penetrate into your skin.

14. Does it contain any harmful whitening ingredients?
We assure you it is safe to use. It is endorsed by Malaysia Drug Control Authority. It contains no Hydroquinone or mercury, or any harmful ingredients. Again we design the concept with Essence to well absorb into the skin. Therefore your skin looks clean and white fast.

15. Any other precautions?
It is good to apply sunblock lotion when you are going out exposed to the sun after using the Living Jungle WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask.

16. Will it sore my eyes if contacted?
Yes, it may but only for a short while. The sore is mainly due to alcohol evaporating. We use Denatured Alcohol which does not evaporate too fast. It is normal in peel-off mask. It is advisable for you to apply the eyes area last.

17. Why the scent is strong?
PP mask special design to contain fruity scent which gives you excellent relaxation. The apple and orange stem cells play an essential role in the fragrance. You definitely feel fresh and relax.

18. My Skin feel tingling?
If your skin is dry, you might feel a sense of tingling during the application of PP Mask. This is because the essence starts moisturizing and absorb through your skin. This sense only take a while and it is safe.

19. What should I do after peeling, some mask bits stuck on my face?
You can use clean water to wash and rinse it off. The dried mask will dissolve in water. You can use it to scrub your hand and neck too because some essence might still be in the dried mask. You will feel the scrubbed area very soft and smooth too.