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Living Jungle PP Mask-min

WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask & Clear Lotion

Living Jungle WhiteSynergy Effect has two leading products, which are PP Mask (Powered Penetration Mask) and Clear Lotion. PP Mask is formulated in such enrich with skin nutrients and good penetration to your skin. It contains 7 key active ingredients: Apple Stem Cell for Skin Repaired, Orange Stem Cell for Antioxidant, Green Tea For Anti Aging, Aloe Vera for Moisturizer & Antimicrobial, Rice Bran for moisturizer, Licorice for Whitening, and Diamond Powder for Aura Energy. WhiteSynergy Effect Clear Lotion with be your best friend to your daily by maintaining your skin cherish. Enriched with all natural nutrients needed for your beautiful skin. Functionally as skin tonic to use daily.

Living Jungle PP Mask-min

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Living Jungle PP Mask-min

PP Mask

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