TocoE Aromatic Elixir Oil

Main Actives Ingredients
Tocotrienol – natural extract from palm oil, potent vitamin E about 40-60 times more than tocotrienol. High antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, DNA repaired, and reduce pigmentation properties. Virgin Coconut Oil – is high in natural saturated fat that will increase good cholesterol ( HDL ) and help convert bad cholesterol ( LDL ) to good cholesterol. It’s high lauric acid helps to be as an excellent moisturizer, antibacterial and antifungal and good penetration to ours skin. Argan Oil – naturally contain vitamin A & E. It also contains high amount of linoleic acid prevents excess skin cells from building up and oeic acid promote balanced sebum.

Tocotrienol plus Virgin Coconut Oil


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Toco E is an innovative series of Living Jungle which emphasis on powerful natural ingredients as antiaging, antioxidant and improve skin elasticity. The name of product Toco consist concept of keys ingredients Tocotrienol plus Virgin Coconut Oil ( VCO ). The series is fragrance free. It is first in market with this combination and also it contains Argan Oil to enhance its benefits to ours skin . Toco-E launch in three catagories : Original , Aromatic , and Plus. Each category consist products for body cleansing, body lotion and elixir. Original, is the main combination of Tocotrienol + VCO + Argan Oil which is good for all skin types include problem skin and allergic skin disorders. It gives a powerful natural moisturizing effects and antimicrobial and potent antioxidant to give you stay young all the time. It suitable daily use on face, body and hair.

Aromatic, is emphasis on relaxing and energising. Beside Tocotrienol, VCO and Argan Oil, it has Olive Oil major and some soothing mixture essential oils like lavender, frankincense oil to alert and vitalise your body. It has a skin repairing function and suitable to relieve stress and rebuild energy. Suitable for men and women, especially elderly.

Plus, is designed combination with Tocotrienol , VCO , Argan Oil and Citronella Oil. This range is suitable for outdoor activity using like sportman and jungle tracking. Citronella oil is a miracle oil essential ingredients to ours body. Beside antimicrobial properties, antideodorant , it also able to protect ours skin from bitten and get itchiness. VCO and Tocotrienol are well protected ours skin in over water loss and as antioxidant to shield any environment pollution.


Available In:

5 ml - RM 25

30 ml - RM 96

* Above both price inclusive 6% GST


Start with a patch test on an invisible portion of your leg or arm, such as behind your knee or inside your elbow. If that application produces no reaction within 24 hours, it's time to assess how the product will perform.

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