Medi-Synergy Liquid Chlorophyll

Living Jungle Medi-Synergy ( LJMS ) Liquid Chlorophyll is obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of natural chlorophyll, a special strain of Mulberry leaves. LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll obtained from Mulberry leaves has been shown to be superior. Mulberry leaves is chosen because it contains 4 times the chlorophyll of other vegetables. Strengthens the heart’s function and improves vision. LJMS liquid chlorophyll is the first and only Life Energy Wave embedded liquid which can renew our cells resonance and give good blood flow. This is a special and safe technology with wave introduction without additional ingredients

1 Table Spoon Chlorophyll =1kg Vegetable Nutrition


per bottle 500ml

* Above price inclusive 6% GST.


Key Features :

  1. Alkalises Cleanses
  2. Oxygenate
  3. Rejuvenate
  4. Energising and Revitalising
  5. Halal


Ingredients :
A special strain of Mulberry leaves, Purified water, Sodium Copper Chlorophyll, permitted food-grade preservative


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Direction for use

Shake well before use; add 15ml (one measuring spoon) of LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll with 250ml warm or cool water. Take twice daily with or after meals.

Storage: Store at room temperature below 30°c. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture

Step 1

Prepare 250ml warm or cool water

Step 2

One spoon liquid chlorophyll with 250ml warm or cool water .