Living Jungle Oral Care


Living Jungle Oral Care

Specially formulated for oral hygiene use. Suitable to use for breath and mouth refreshment. All Natural Freshen breath Mouthwash is made with all natural ingredients including probiotics Freshener reduce tooth sensitivity, oral yeast problems Bitter Orange, Thymol, & Lime Mouthwash comes in fresh flavors & it also kills bacteria that causes bad breath Helps to prevent plaque from building up on your gums and in between your teeth When used prior to brushing mouthwash can rinse our loose particles to aid with brushing and flushing Mouthwash contain fluoride that can help prevent cavities Helps to prevent gingivitis

Product Variations

Cool Mint Mouth Freshener 20ml

Antiseptic Cool Mint Mouth Wash 100ml

Antiseptic Cool Mint Mouth Wash 300ml