1. Why choose mulberry leaves?
A 5-year research conducted in Kanagawa, Japan found that mulberry leaves have various preventive effects on common diseases.

    Some of the benefits are:

  • Good for your eyesight
  • Suppressing hypertension
  • Lowering cholesterol level
  • Preventing cancer (liver)
  • Reducing blood sugar level
  • Suppressing mutagenesis of carcinogens

Mulberry leaves contain 15%-28% of protein, with essential amino acids. Scientific researches have confirmed these healing qualities in mulberry plant. Several clinical studies found that mulberry leaf contains GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid), phytosterol, DNJ (Dioxiogirimycin), vitamins and minerals.

GABA helps maintain the normal blood pressure. Phytosterol helps reduce cholesterol in blood vessels. DNJ helps reduce sugar in the blood stream: lowers the risk of getting heart disease. DNJ also stimulates the blood circulation and increases the fluid in the body.

2. Are there any side effects after consuming ?
It is 100% natural and safe. No sugar added , no artificial colouring or flavouring. No side effects will occur from long-term usage.

3. How soon can I see results ?
Base on our testimonies, consumers will experience results after 3 days : Stool smooth , improve sleep , improve ventilation , However, the effect varies among people; some people can feel it faster or slower.

4. What does LJMS liquid chlorophyll contain ?
Special strain of mulberry leaves extract ,Lemon juice, Purified water, Sodium Copper Chlorophyll , permitted food grade preservative.

5. Do LJMS liquid chlorophyll contain preservatives ?
Because it is not single dosage, preservatives are needed to help chlorophyll stay fresh and free from unwanted bacterial growth when used over a period of time of after opened 1-3 months.

6. How to consume LJMS liquid chlorophyll ?
Chlorophyll is concentrated liquid 500ml in bottle. Shake well before use; add 15ml (one measuring spoon) of LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll with 250ml warm or cool water. Take once to twice daily before or after meals.

7. Is LJMS liquid chlorophyll suitable for all everybody ?
Yes, is suitable for anybody of any age, male or female.

8. Different dosage for adults and children to drink LJMS liquid chlorophyll ?
Recommended for Adult : add 15ml, one measuring spoon with 250ml warm or cool water. Take twice daily with or after meals.

Recommended for children : half adult dosage, which is half measuring spoon ( 7ml ) with 250ml warm or cool water, once a day.

9. LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll can help lose weight?
It helps increase your metabolism rate and fat burning. So you may have the benefits of losing weight with vigorous exercises and controlled food intake.

10. Can pregnant or nursing mothers drink LJMS liquid chlorophyll ?
SUITABLE. We recommend that you SEEK the advice of your physician or doctor if you want to consume.

11. Are LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll suitable for vegans or vegetarians ?
Absolutely safe and suitable. LJMS liquid Chlorophyll Special strain of mulberry leaves ,Purified water, Lemon Juice, Sodium Copper Chlorophyll .

It provides nutrients in the formation of blood to increase oxygen levels and increase the number of red blood cells, which is good for all.

12. Is LJMS Liquid chlorophyll Halal ?
LJMS Liquid chlorophyll is Halal certified by Jakim Malaysia. It is herbal based product. Please refer to our halal certification.

13. I have Insomnia for many years , can LJMS liquid chlorophyll help ?
Sure. It promotes good sleep for anyone, especially fatigue. However, the effect varies among people. For anxiety you can avoid drinking too late because it circulates your blood well and you may feel alert.

14. I do not like to eat vegetables, chronic constipation, face acne, can I drink LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll?
This is the right choice. Your body is acidic, if you eat less vegetables, you might feel fatigueness easily. Constipation might also be your problem. LJMS chlorophyll is alkaline. Good to balance your acid level in your body. 1 Table Spoon Chlorophyll = 1 Kg Vegetable Nutrition.

15. I suffers constipation problems , how much can I drink LJMS liquid chlorophyll a day ?
For constipation, we recommend that one day drink 2 tablespoons of chlorophyll by adding 1.5 liter of water. If you drinking LJMS liquid chlorophyll everyday , it can solve your constipation problems.

16. My child does not like to eat vegetables, can he get vegetable nutritions by consuming LJMS liquid chlorophyll?
Right choice , because 1 Table Spoon Chlorophyll = 1 Kg Vegetable Nutrition. Recommended for children : half adult dosage, which is half measuring spoon ( 7ml ) with 250ml warm or cool water, once a day