Hand Sanitizer


Living Jungle Hand Sanitizer

Efficacy & Effectiveness Study by Dr. Meor Mohd Radzuan at UiTM. As a conclusion, the result indicated that the Living Jungle Hand Sanitizer was able to eliminate the presence of microorganisms on hand and bench Surface by 99.99% instantly and last for few hours post-treatment period.

Living Jungle Hand sanitizer is gel form and advantage of gel form is well spreading and coverage wider than spray.
It is made by cosmetic grade ingredient: natural sugar cane alcohol with high moisturizer aloe vera which is gentle to hand and skin. Your hand will not be scaling nor peeling after used. No harmful ingredient : methanol & acetaldehyde. Living Jungle Hand sanitizer is natural and It is safe to skin when you use frequently

Product Variations

Hand Sanitizer 50ml

Hand Sanitizer 100ml

Hand Sanitizer 500ml