Toco E Collection


TocoE Aromatic Elixir Oil

Tocotrienol – natural extract from palm oil, potent vitamin E about 40-60 times more than tocotrienol. High antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, DNA repaired, and reduce pigmentation properties. Virgin Coconut Oil – is high in natural saturated fat that will increase good cholesterol ( HDL ) and help convert bad cholesterol ( LDL ) to good cholesterol.


Can I use Toco E with my skin care product and makeup?

Excellent result but you have to apply Toco E elixir first after cleansing, wait until dry only apply your skin care products. It maintains the elasticity of your skin and you will not look peel after remove your make up. Remember this is the oil base, so just apply 1-2 drops for the whole face only. Do not apply too much.