About Us

Brand Story

Living Jungle

Our story began when our founder, having travelled to all corners of the world looking for potent ingredients that are able to enhance wellbeing, realised that the best ingredients are actually from the very place that she was born – her beautiful homeland called Malaysia, specifically in its rainforests that are over 130 million years old. 

Upon this realisation, she returned home and began her extensive work in identifying and collecting plants and herbs from these ancient forests, carrying out research to ascertain their remarkable health-enhancing properties and developing the best methods to express them and ensure their bioavailability when made into healthcare and skincare products.  

Our Concern

Vision & Mission

Vision: Enhancing people’s health and wellbeing through nature’s best ingredients

Mission: To develop quality health care and skincare products that are safe and effective


  • Respect and protect the environment.
  • Practice high ethical standards.
  • Meet the changing needs and desires of consumers.

Our Strength

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products that are natural, safe and effective. There are no animal-derived ingredients, irritating or polluting agents in our products. Instead, we use eco-friendly and food-grade ingredients. Rest assured that you are using the best quality products for the best of your health and body when you use Living Jungle. 

No animal products


No irritating or polluting agents


No animal testing

Food-grade ingredients

We Collaborate

Research & Development

Living Jungle working with pharmacists, chemists, herbalists, and local universities, our team has developed an exclusive formulation and technology (BC-100), which is able to capture and retain the energy and essence of the forest in our products, making available this precious gift of Mother Nature to all people, especially those living in the urban areas. 

The forest has always been considered a place of calm and rejuvenation. Allow us to bring you this revitalizing energy from the forest to the comfort of your own home
Founder of Living Jungle