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WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask (Travel Pack)
WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask will transform your beautiful face Instantly. Look white and fresh after peeling of the paper mask gel. It helps to remove blackhead and whitehead. In addition, you can feel the skin elasticity, cleaned and look bright immediately. Can be applied daily on the pigment spots evenly and recover the tone for pigmentation.


PP Mask is abbreviation for
Powered Penetration Mask

It is formulated in such enrich with skin nutrients and good penetration to our skin.

White Synergy Effect PP Mask
1 Pack
RM19.20 per pack 7.5ml

6 Packs
* Above both price inclusive 6% GST.

More information:
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Storage Condition:
Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in COOL and DRY place.
Precaution: Keep out of reach of children.