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Living Jungle | WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask

Evens out pigmentation issues and removes blackheads & whiteheads in 3 SIMPLE STEPS, resulting in a fresh & brightened look

Direction of Use:
Apply a layer of WhiteSynergy Effect PP Mask gel onto your face and neck. Leave it for 1 hour until dry. Gently peel of the piece peeling mask by lifting up cheek and forehead. Rinse off with running water. Use twice a week or as often as need.

Step 1
Wash your face with a mild cleanser & rinse off.
Step 2
Open your PP Mask pack & pour the content onto the back of your hand. • Smell Strong it special design to contain fruity smell which give you excellent relaxation
Step 3
Apply the PP Mask according to the numbered of the step ①, ② & ③.
Step 4
Avoid the eye area, it may accidentally enter your eyes, causing a stinging sensation.
• You will feel a cooling sensation as you apply the mask
• You might feel a tingling because start moisturizing & absorb through your skin, it only for a short while
Step 5
Wait 1 hour,
for PP Mask absorbed & dry
Step 6
Peel off the dried mask
Step 7
Use clean water to wash and rinse it off.
Step 8
You are done! Your face now looks radiant, refreshed & lightened
Before & After

How to apply a Living Jungle WhiteSynergy Effect PP MASK