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Testimony Sharing

1. Ms Chang Triang 27 years old Weight Loss : Loss 2 kg in 1 month Solve The Problem Of Constipation .
I weigh 95 kg , I had constipation problems and poor sleep. I drink LJMS liquid chlorophyll everyday , i have better bowels in 3 days , relieves diarrhea ,constipation and hemorrhoids . I am very surprised , I lost 2 kg in a month . I will continue to drink LJMS Liquid Chlorophyll

2. Mdn Teoh Penang 65 years old Reduce Uric Acid Pain
I had urine infection , my son told me try drink LJMS liquid chlorophyll , I did not expect , after few hours , the pain subside. my son told me that LJMS liquid chlorophyll is Bio-synergy embedded , improves the blood circulation and detoxify my body which cured my urine infection.

3. Ms Izan Miri 45 years old Insomnia
I have insomnia , my friends told me , LJMS liquid chlorophyll can improve my sleep , so I just try . After consuming for a week , I can sleep well . I am happy and thanks to LJMS liquid chlorophyll

4. Mr Yusoff Kuantan 33 years old Acidic Body Customer
After consuming for a week , Im in good spirit, no fatigue because LJMS liquid chlorophyll is Alkaline so it improves my body acid , fatigue. I will introduce my friends to drink chlorophyll.

5. Mr Yap Penang 45 years old . Vegetarian Improve The Dizziness Problem
I am a vegetarian , always felt Dizziness , last month ,I bought LJMS liquid chlorophyll from a health exhibition, the Nutritionist told me LJMS liquid chlorophyll can mimics haemoglobin in red blood cells . after consuming for about 3 weeks , I feel good, no more feeling dizzy. Thanks to LJMS liquid chlorophyll.

6. Mdn Wong KL 65 years old Visual Improvement
Due to my age, my sight is abit hazy, my husband told me that LJMS liquid chlorophyll contains special strain of Mulberry leaves which is good for my eyes. I tried consuming for around a month , now I can see clearer. I will introduce to my family to consume LJMS Liquid chlorophyll because it can benefit everybody.

7. Jenny Ipoh 26 years old solve the problem constipation
I often eat irregularly due to my work. Sometimes , I even skip my meal or satisfy my hunger with fast or junk food. Because of this unhealthy eating habit ,I have constipation problem .Ever since I started consuming LJMS liquid chlorophyll , I have smooth bowel movement , 2-3 times in a day. Thanks to LJMS liquid chlorophyll.

8. Mdm Chong Miri 38 years old My kids like to drink LJMS liquid chlorophyll
I was worried about the health of my kid who dislikes vegetables and fruits . Ever since he tried consuming LJMS liquid chlorophyll and bring to school everyday . Now , I am not worried anymore because 1 spoon chlorophyll = 1 kg vegetable nutrition.

9. Al-raja Kelantan 55 years old Relieve high blood pressure problems
I use to be on daily medication to control my blood pressure level. Skipping my medication will make me feel discomfort in my chest . However , after consuming LJMS liquid chlorophyll for a months , I don’t experience any chest discomfort and fatigue even without my medication . LJMS energy liquid chlorophyll really improves my blood circulation.

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